Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline 6.40ct - 14x12mm (MZ0130)

Loose Cuprian Tourmaline Gemstone Certified Cuprian Tourmaline
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Gem Specifications

SKU MZ0130
Gem Type Cuprian Tourmaline
Piece(s) 1
Weight (ct) 6.4
Shape Oval
Treatment None
Clarity VS - Slight Inclusions (maybe visible)
Size (mm) 14.1 x 12.1 x 6.2
Color Magenta Purple
Origin Mozambique
Lab None
Cert no. None


Picture of Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline 6.40ct - 14x12mm (MZ0130)
Picture of Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline 6.40ct - 14x12mm (MZ0130)
Natural Loose Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline weighing 6.40ct & measuring 14.10 x 12.10 x 6.20 mm from Mozambique. The Cuprian Tourmaline is cut in an ideal Oval shape which compliments the gemstone very well. Certificate also available. Cuprian Tourmaline gemstones are beautiful for all occasions and can be worn for many benefits as well. Please dont forget to check our Gem Journal for more updates on latest trends from the Gemstone and Jewelry Industry

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Gemstone Color Scheme

Magenta Purple

This color scheme is generated by the system using the colors from the product image.

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Picture of Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline 6.40ct - 14x12mm (MZ0130)


Very Slight (VS) Clarity: These are usually eye clean stones. They have slight inclusions visible to a trained eye or under magnification.


Picture of Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline 6.40ct - 14x12mm (MZ0130)


This is the geometric shape for the gemstone. Some shapes has variations due to dimension.


Picture of Magenta Purple Cuprian Tourmaline 6.40ct - 14x12mm (MZ0130)

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