Colour Change Garnet

Color-change garnet is a rare and captivating gemstone that exhibits a remarkable transformation in hue depending on lighting conditions. In daylight or well-lit settings, it often appears green or bluish-green, resembling an emerald. However, under incandescent or low-light environments, it shifts to a reddish or purplish tone, resembling a ruby or amethyst. This unique characteristic makes color-change garnet a prized choice for jewelry enthusiasts seeking a gemstone that continually surprises with its ever-changing beauty.

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Magenta Purple Umbalite Garnet 2.30ct (RD0418)

Loose Umbalite Gemstone Certified Umbalite
Umbalite price per carat $61.41

Brown Colour Change Garnet 13.12ct (CG0041)

Loose Colour Change Garnet Gemstone Certified Colour Change Garnet
Colour Change Garnet price per carat $186.36